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• June 29, 2015: STACS member doctoral student Shuang Yang has just passed his written and oral exams! His dissertation proposal is titled "Exploring interactions between payments for ecosystem services (PES) and the associated coupled human and natural systems (CHANS): A case study of Fanjingshan National Nature Reserve (FNNR), China". With approval from dissertation committee Drs. Keith Clarke (UCSB), David Lopez-Carr (UCSB), Piotr Jankowski, and Li An (chair), Shuang has thus advanced to candidacy and will continue working on his dissertation about the PES programs in a Chinese nature reserve. Congratulations Shuang!

• June 24, 2015: STACS member Dr. Hsiang Ling Chen has been conducting intense fieldwork, which ended up with deployment of 37 cameras and survey of 37 vegetation plots. Visit the project website for more details.

• June 8, 2015: Dr. Li An completed his fieldwork session between May 18 and June 8. During the trip, he led questionnaire development, testing, and enhancement about local villagers' land use and forestland patrol decisions. See for more details.


• April 9, 2015: Dr. Hsiang Ling Chen successfully defended her dissertation and joined the STACS Group at San Diego State University as a postdoctoral research fellow. See for more details.

• March 30, 2015: Doctoral student/STACS member Stephen Crook attended the Natural Capital Symposium at Stanford University last week. See for more information.

• March 27, 2015: Dr. Shaowen Wang, Professor and Centennial Scholar from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, came to SDSU in response to an invitation from Dr. Li An. Dr. Wang gave a colloquium titled "CyberGIS for Data-Rich Geographic Research and Education" to the Department of Geography, which was well attended and enthusiastically welcomed by quite many Geography faculty members and students. Dr. Wang also met with STACS members Dr. Li An, Shuang Yang, Steve Crook, and Billy Orihuela as well as other Geography faculty and students, sharing his experiences and providing advice in Cyberinfrastructure, CyberGIS, and other related topics.

Drs. Wang and An also arrived at an agreement to work together closely, pushing forward a new research frontier that aims to advance the science and technology of agent-based modeling.

• March 18, 2015: Dr. Li An went to Washington D.C. and served on an NSF panel during March 16-18. During the 2.5-day panel, Dr. An closely worked with other panelists and NSF officers, discussing assigned proposals, coming up with panel discussion summaries, and making funding recommendations to NSF.

• March 5, 2015: By the invitation of Dr. Heejun Chang, Dr. Li An went to Portland State University and presented his research as part of their Winter 2015 Ecosystem Services Seminar sponsored by an NSF IGERT award ( Dr. An gave a lecture entitled "Agent-based Modeling of the Impact of Social Norms on PES Effectiveness" in GEOG 694, a lecture entitled "Payments for Ecosystem Services: Always a Path toward Sustainability?" in ESM 507 (watch the video at this site:, and a workshop about agent-based modeling for The American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS) PSU chapter.

• February 27, 2015: Hsiang Ling Chen, doctoral candidate at University of Arizona, took the offer from our project as a postdoctoral fellow. See for more information.

• January 13, 2015: Hsiang Ling Chen, doctoral candidate at University of Arizona, accepted the offer from Drs. An and Lewison. She will work on Dr. Anís CNH project as a postdoctoral fellow. Visit for more information.


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